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Bee Removal in Pittsburgh PA

While bees are sometimes seen as a natural sign of nature, and an indicator of warmer weather, a thriving bee colony can be dangerous to the inhabitants of your property. As territorial insects, bees can threaten the health and safety of those who come within close contact of their beehive. If you are allergic to bees, or you are inexperienced in handling insect removal, then you can count on professional bee removal from Sani-Products Pest Control!

Bee - Bee Removal in Pittsburgh PA

Our licensed and certified team has been providing bee removal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the nearby areas for the last 65 years. This kind of experience makes us more than qualified to handle the bee removal at your Pittsburgh home, or business space. Don't let unwanted bees control how much time you spend enjoying the outside! Get help today.

Pittsburgh PA: Do You Need Bee Control?

There is a fine line between bee populations that are helpful to the environment, and bee populations that are inconvenient for your lifestyle. Because bees have the ability to sting and cause harm to us, the presence of bees can make a lot of people uncomfortable. If you are considering investing in bee control for your Pittsburgh, PA space, then Sani-Products Pest Control can help.

We understand that while you don't want to hurt the balance of nature at your property, you also don't want to suffer the consequences of leaving a large colony of bees unchecked. This is why we offer affordable and effective bee control for Pittsburgh residential and commercial properties.

How to Remove a Beehive—Pittsburgh PA - Fox Chapel PA - Sewickley PA

Removing a beehive can be a challenging and dangerous task for the inexperienced. The following are all of the proven successful steps that Sani-Products Pest Control will take to remove a beehive from your Pittsburgh property:

 Beehives are typically located in hard-to-reach areas, so we spend time determining the exact location of the hive. 
 Protective clothing must be worn to protect against possible swarms during the insecticide process. 
 Insecticide is sprayed on the beehive when it is least active, typically in the later afternoon or early morning.
 Process is repeated several times to ensure all bees within the hive are killed.
 Once all bees are dead, beehive is quickly removed from its location and disposed of properly.
 Trained team immediately gets to work on cleaning the area where the beehive is located, and making any necessary repairs to damage caused by bees.

Need to remove a beehive on your property? Contact Sani-Products Pest Control today and learn more about
our Pittsburgh bee control services! We provide these services throughout Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Sewickley,
Cranberry Township, Murrysville, South Hills, Shady Side, Oakmont, Robinson Township and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.