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Bee Removal in Pittsburgh, PA

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Is something bugging you? If you hear buzzing on your property, depend on us for bee removal. While the presence of bees is an indicator of spring weather, a thriving bee colony can be dangerous to property owners. As territorial insects, bees threaten the health and safety of those within close contact of their beehive. If you are allergic to bees, or you are inexperienced in handling insect removal, then you can count on our professional bee removal team. We specialize in removing a beehive, exterminating unwelcome pests, or getting rid of wasps.

The licensed and certified team at our insect removal company has been providing bee control, removal, and extermination services throughout the area for more than 65 years. This makes us more than qualified to handle any bee or wasp problems you have on your property. Don’t let unwanted stinging insects control how much time you spend enjoying the outside. Let our team handle the situation for you quickly and effectively. We take great pride in providing the finest bee, wasp, and insect removal service for customers throughout the surrounding areas.

Bee in Pittsburgh PA

Do You Need Bee Control Services?

There is a fine line between bee populations that are helpful to the environment and bee populations that are inconvenient for you. Due to a bee’s ability to sting, their presence can make a lot of people uncomfortable and even put those who are allergic in danger. That means a bee infestation in or around your home or business needs to be properly removed to keep you, your family, and all of your guests safe.

We understand that while you don’t want to hurt the balance of nature on your property, you also don’t want to suffer the consequences of leaving a large colony of bees unchecked. This is why we offer affordable and effective bee control for residential and commercial customers located throughout our service area.

Removing a Beehive from Your Property

Safely removing a beehive can be a challenging and dangerous task for the inexperienced. There are a number of different ways this can be accomplished in an effective manner. We will discuss with you the best bee extermination methods possible that will turn your property into a bee-free environment again. Start enjoying your yard without fear of being stung by depending on our skilled team. 

The Bee Extermination Process

When humane bee control won’t work; you need to consider our bee extermination process instead. Our extermination experts have a successful process of eliminating the bee threat to your property. The proven steps we use to remove your beehive include:

  • Beehives are typically located in hard-to-reach areas, so we spend time determining the exact location of the hive. 
  •  Protective clothing must be worn to protect against possible swarms during the insecticide process.
  •  Insecticide is sprayed on the beehive when it is least active, typically in the later afternoon or early morning.
  •  Process is repeated several times to ensure all bees within the hive are exterminated.
  •  Once all bees are dead, the beehive is quickly removed from its location and disposed of properly.
  •  Our trained team immediately gets to work on cleaning the area where the beehive was located and making any necessary repairs to damages caused by the bees.

Getting Rid of Wasps from Your Home or Business

Say goodbye to the unwelcome, stinging guests in your yard. Wasps and hornets are not only nuisances, but they are dangerous. These malicious and aggressive insects can quickly turn a wonderful outdoor gathering into a panicked nightmare. When you notice a wasps’ nest on your property or an increased hornet or wasp presence around your yard, you know it is time to contact our wasp removal and extermination experts.

Getting rid of wasps isn’t an easy job if you don’t have the right knowledge and equipment. These vicious insects are looking for a reason to sting you, and disturbing their nest is one of the best ways to end up with painful welts. Our wasp removal and extermination team helps you avoid unwanted stings by expertly removing these unwanted insects from your property and removing any trace of them from their former nesting spot. Feel safe in your yard again by using our wasp and hornet removal services.

Contact us for our bee and wasp removal company when you are looking for expert insect control or extermination services for your roperty. We are ready to assist customers living throughout the communities of Pittsburgh, Fox Chapel, Sewickley, Cranberry Township, and Murrysville, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.

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